7 Gründe warum Sie einen Online-Kongress machen sollten!

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Welcome to the Concierge page! You’re going to want to bookmark this page, because it’s where i’ll post the lastest info and share extra goodies during the Masterclass. I shot you a quick video about hwat to expect from the Masterclass.Shortcode

IMPORTANT: Mark your calendar for Thursday, September 13th at 4pm ET. That’s when i’ll be live with our first lesson in the Launch Masterclass. It’ll be right here on this page, so don’t forget to add it to your bookmarks. I’ll send ou an email reminder before we go live, too.

This thing is going to be EPIC – I’m going to see just how far i can go with this „give away your best stuff for free“ theory of business building… and i think you’re really going to love it. See you Thursday!

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